London faces overcrowding crisis



London is facing an overcrowding crisis thanks to a fall in the number of family sized homes being built in the capital.

According to a new report from the London Housing Federation, the proportion of new homes in London with three or more bedrooms has almost halved in the last ten years.

Now just 18 per cent of new homes built in the capital have three of more bedrooms, compared to 35 per cent in 1996, forcing many families to either live in cramped conditions or move out of London altogether.

The report says there are almost 800,000 people, including at least 260,000 children, living in overcrowded homes in London, with black and minority ethnic communities worst affected.

As a result the London Housing Federation is calling on local councils to ensure that new housing schemes include more family sized properties.

It is also urging the government to fund new affordable housing on the basis of the number of people housed instead of the number of homes built.

The report comes as the government has announced plans to put £19 million into a new scheme to tackle overcrowding in London.

The cash will go towards funding loft extensions and converting unpopular properties into family homes. It will also be used to help single people downsize from larger homes, leaving these homes free for the families who need them.

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