Land Investment Biofuels



Many people have invested in land looking for increasing land prices, which have gone up over the last 20 years or so. Now a new way of investing in land looks set to take off in the UK.

Land Investment Biofuels

The above has advantages over the normal land investments in that you are using the land to grow crops that will be made into biofuels, so you do not need to obtain building planning permission as you will be using the land for agricultural use.

Biofuel production has now moved on from the first generation biofuels which were derived from sources such as sugar, starch and vegetable oil. The most popular types of first generation Biofuels were, Biodiesel, Bioalchols and Syngas.

Second generation biofuel technologies have been developed from the first generation fuels, because first generation fuels were limited to a threshold that they could not produce enough biofuel without threatening food supplies and they were not cost competative with current fossil fuels.

Brazil is the largest producer of biofuels and is fully self sufficent, if you are looking for land investments in Brazil then read this.





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