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Would you like to own British farm land
with a guaranteed rental income?

Investing in land has never been so simple and now comes with guaranteed rental income:

Why Farmland Investment?

over 6% fixed annual rental income piad in advance (collected for you)
high level of capital security
an effective inflation hedge
Simple and transparent

Why UK Farmland?

simple and transparent property law
attractive supply and demand fundamentals
secure transaction with UK solicitors
eligible for SIPPS/SASS


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Why Invest in Land?


* These figures are based on the average of the historical rate of capital growth implied by rural land price data from two leading UK estate agents and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for the last 10, 5 and 3 year periods up to the end of the second quarter of 2009. An investment under the Land Commodities model at these rates of capital growth and a 7.0% rental income would have yielded an average annual (internal) rate of return of 16.8% over the last 10 years, 20.5% per year over the last 5 years and 25.1% per year over the last 3 years. 1Savills (2009). Agricultural Land Market Survey 2009. Savills Rural Research. 2Knight Frank (July 2009). Farmland prices rebounding already, according to Knight Frank Farmland Index. 3RICS (H1 2009). RICS rural land market survey H1 2009. Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Land investment was once the preserve of large developers and the very wealthy.

We now offer land to the private investor.


What is an alternative investment?

An alternative investment is a term that has been used broadly and normally refer to financial alternatives such as energy, derivatives or even art or wine. For further information on alternative investments try this website.

DePuy Recall Off the subject of land investments, but I have a friend who as had one of these and they are very bad. If you have had one take a look.

Plots of land for sale all over England

The UK property market now dominated by overseas buyers

Foreign buyers are now snapping up UK land and property at an alarming rate with over 70% of all West End deals going to foreign buyers in the last three months. This is in part due to the weakness of the pound and the fact that investors can see a golden opportunity in the UK market place.

Land Registry fees go up 25%

Land Registry fees in the UK have gone up 25% which means on scale 1 the fee for property of £250,000 has increased from £220 to £280. The Land Registry justified the increase by saying the economy is having an unsustainable reduction on its fee income so it had to increase fees to pay operating costs.

People turn to the Internet to buy property and Land ( February 03,09)
Over the last 12 months over 2000 high street estate agents have gone out of business, which is partly to do with the credit crunch and with the trend for people to use online property web sites. If you are looking for land for sale or property the Internet is a great place to both buy and sell, and with online fee's and commissions much lower.

Land Prices (September 24, 08)
While housing prices are dropping across many European countries party because of the financial turmoil in the finance markets, the price of farmland has climbed to record levels. Investors are looking for opportunities to put their money in Land because of the rising food and bio fuels market.

Land News (August 20, 08)
The UK's largest property company Land Securities has sold it's 50% stake in the Empress State office tower in London to Liberty International for around 107 million pounds. The building is let to the Metropolitan Police Force for around 12 million pounds per year.

Farm Land Prices (August 4, 08)
The price of property may be falling, but farmland has been rising at record rates. During the first half of 2008 the average price of farmland rose by 24% according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Land Investments

Land Investment

Farmland: a robust investment, hedge and tax break
Investors Chronicle, 30th October 2009
The signs are that by 2015 farmland could double in value from its present average level of around £5,000per acre... read more
Food will never be so cheap again
Daily Telegraph, 25th October 2009

The world population is adding "another Britain" every year. This will continue until mid-century. By then we will have an extra 2.4bn mouths to feed... read more
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