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What is Prince2 Certification?

The Price2 is a structured approach to project management and is the second major version of this method. Prince2 is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) which is an independent office of Her Majesty's Treasury. The OCG support the acquisition and procurement process of the public sector with frameworks in place to ensure that the taxpayers get value for money in the delivery of services.

The Price2 system is a structured approach to project management and provides a clearly defined framework within which to work. The Prince2 system provides a clear common language for all participants in a project.

Prince2 training enables project managers to look at the bigger picture and to focus on key objectives rather than getting court up in the day to day problems of a project. Prince2 project management (Projects In Controlled Environments) is now an accepted standard that is recognised internationally.

The first step in Prince2 certification is to study the Prince2 Foundation course which covers the basics and terminology used. This course this then followed by a one hour exam which has 75 questions and is a multiple choice paper.

The cost of the foundation courses can vary from around £900 to £1500 depending on the organisation you choose for the course. The course can usually be completed with one week.

The next stage of training is to become a Registred Prince2 Practitioner. The Prince2 practitioner courses have an exam covering 9 topic areas each worth 40 marks which makes a total of 360 marks available. To gain the qualification you must achive 180 or above.

If you wish to gain Price2 certification in Wales there are many companies and organisations that are able to help you.



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