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What is a Prince2 Practitioner?

The Prince2 Practitioner qualification is the highest level of Prince2 certification and is gained by completing both the Foundation and Practitioner courses. There are two basic ways you can site the course.

1. You can go to an accredited training organisation who will teach you the methods and then take the exam.

The above method is preferred method for most students that can afford both the time and money to attend the courses. There are many intensive courses that can be completed with one week.

2. You can self learn the subject, either buy books or online distance learning.

Whatever method you decide for your Prince2 practitioner courses, once you are qualified there are some excellent salaries offered for IT jobs that have cited Prince2 Practitioner, with the average salary of around £52,000 in 2008.

Prince2 ™ is a Registred trade mark of the Office of Government Commercein the United Kingdom and other countries.


Prince2 courses




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