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What does www land mean to you?

The term World Wide Web and the Internet are often refered to as being the same thing but they are not.

The World Wide Web or web is a huge range of interlinked documents and images and other media that are linked by hyperlinks and url's. Web Servers store this information which is then cached by search engines into massive databases.

When you do a keyword search on a search engine you are searching the search engines database. This database is compiled by robots which are also called spiders, which search the web to gether as much information as possible.

This data is then stored and sorted out by the search engines algorithem which is their software code for difining which search results are the most relevent for different keyword searches.

To have a website you first need a url or domain name which can be registed by many comapnies online. Each domain name is unique and once registed is not available to anyone else. You next need to map the domain to a web server which is connected to the world wide web. Rarther than investing considrable money in a web server you can use a
web hosting company who will supply you with a virtual web server which you can map your domain name to at a much lower cost.

Once you have your domain name and web hosting sorted out you next need to construct your website. Their are many software packages which you can use to do this without the need to learn html code. There use a system of what you see is what you get, and complete the web code for you.

The last thing you need to do is upload your web site onto the web sever. the most popluar method for doing this is via FTP software, which again can be downloaded free.

You now have your www land or website which can be seen by anyone accessing the web as long as they know your web address.





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