Fine wine investments guide


What is fine wine investment?

Wine investment used to be the preserve of the rich city types, but this is no longer the case.

Wine investment can produce large returns if invested in wisely.

While investors can still buy cases of wine to store and drink themselves, there are now wine investment companies that will manage a wine portfolio in the same way a stocks and shares portfolio would be managed.

They are trading on the clients' behalf sometimes without any investor input.

The Wine Investment Group only invests in Bordeaux wines, and of the 4,000 chateaux in the region only 40 are considered of a high enough standard to be included in their investment portfolio.

Private collectors in the UK hold more than £1.2 billion of fine wine in bonded warehouses. The overall fine wine market is worth around 3 billion dollars a year and is expanding fast. For further information on wine investment try this company.


Under the current climate the wine investment market looks set to increase. However it should always be noted that any investment can go down as well as up, so you should always seek professional help.







Fine wine investments




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