How to transfer your web site to another web hosting company


Transferring your web site to another web hosting company

There may come a time when you will need to transfer the hosting of your web site to another web hosting company. This could be for any number of reasons, including getting a better deal, or you require more space or additional features, what ever the reason changing hosting companies is easy to do as long as you do it in a structured fashion.

Before you select your new web hosting company you need to write down all the features you will need for your web site, such as web space, Bandwidth, the number of email accounts you require and the technologies your web site will use.

The main choice you will need to make is between a windows server or unix / linux. This will depend on the technologies you wish to use. In general if you need you would use a windows server and if you require php and my sql you would opt for unix /linux. In general it is better to opt for unix unless you need a windows server as unix has proved over the years to be more reliable and need less maintenance than windows based servers.

Once you have decided on your new web hosting you should order the package. When you get server access details you should be able to access their online control panel and set up emails etc before the move. You should also be able to upload you web site files to the new server. Some web hosting companies will also give you a temp url where you can view your web site before you move it to ensure everything is ok.

Once you are happy that everything is setup on the new server, you will need to update the two name servers on your domain to point to the new ones provided by your new web host. Once this is done it should only take a few hours to propagate over to the new server.

Once this is complete and you are happy with the performance you will then need to cancel the contract with your current hosting company.

Changing web hosting companies should be simple if you follow the above. There are also some hosting companies that will provide you with a free web hosting trial so you can try out the new host before you part with your money.



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