Ten Reasons to Buy a Mains Filtered Water Cooler


Ten Reasons to Buy a Mains Filtered Water Cooler

1. Health – The body depends on water to maintain the function of its many systems. Not only does drinking water flush out poisonous toxins that can harm vital organs, but it prevents dehydration that can lead to fatigue or illness. Having a Mains Filtered Water Cooler encourages people to drink more water on a regular basis.

2. Quality – Mains filtered water is better for you than tap water because it filters out sediments and provides a cleaner source of water. Mains Filtered Water Coolers provide an advanced filtration system that filters out chlorine and heavy metals, too.

3. Convenience – Having a Mains Filtered Water Cooler means you always have clean, fresh water. You don’t have to wait for delivery or change bottles, and you can have cold and/or hot water any time whether you’re cooking or just thirsty.

4. Taste – Although the drinking water in the UK is considered safe, aquatic sediments range from micron-sized clay particles to silt, sand and boulders are found in our rivers, lakes and oceans. Trace elements of these sediments, as well as inorganic material, can end up in the drinking water supply causing a foul taste. Using a Mains Filtered Water Cooler means better-tasting water, tea and coffee. Additionally, cooking with Mains filtered water can decrease the amount of residue produced by starchy foods like potatoes, and results in better-tasting meals.

5. Safety – Replacing empty water bottles can be stressful, back-breaking work. It’s much easier to simply replace a filter, and the risk of injury is nothing compared to changing heavy water bottles.

6. Better for the Environment – Bottled water coolers require the production of an inordinate amount of plastic, which is not biodegradable. This causes a hefty negative impact on the environment. The transportation of bottled water uses a grossly inestimable amount of energy, and is the source of fuel emissions that are especially harmful to the environment. Mains Filtered Water Coolers eliminate the need to use and transport billions of plastic water bottles every year.

7. More Cost-effective than Bottled Water – mains connected water coolers cost up to 70% less than standard bottled water coolers because you don’t have to pay for monthly delivery or make deposits on bottles.

8. Easy Installation – Having a filtered water cooler requires an easy, one-time installation, and filters only need replacing every six months. A standard water bottle cooling system involves monthly delivery service and frequent replacing of the bottles.

9. Company Integrity – Mains Filtered Water Coolers are installed by companies whose mission embraces environmental policies, legislative regulation and a commitment to quality. Furthermore, purchasing a Mains Filtered Water Cooler supports companies who contribute to the need for safe water in emergency situations across the globe.

10. Customer Service – If there’s ever a problem with your Mains Filtered Water Cooler, help is just a phone call away. You can also get advice before or after your system is installed. Friendly, knowledgeable experts are standing by to offer helpful information and answer questions you may have about filtered water coolers.


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