Choosing A Good Translation Service


Choosing A Good Translation Service

Unlike many other professions in the world that could be considered a trade, the translation field is not regulated. What this means for anyone considering this as a career choice is that all you need is the proper education. There are no licenses to obtain or regulatory bodies to answer to. This is a growing field to get into that is always looking for help. As a consumer who is looking for a good translation service this is information that is helpful to know before you start the process of finding a translator.

You first need to weigh your needs against the translation services that a company has to offer. If you run an international company that only does business with three foreign entities than you will want a company that offers services in those languages. The more centralized, or focused, that a company is on certain languages the better qualified they will be to serve your particular needs. The companies that claim to be proficient in most of the 5,000 languages in the world are probably just saying that as a sales pitch. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

You also need to consider what exactly it is that you need translated. Translating a lengthy legal document for example is going to take a different skill set than translating this document. Not only will the company need to know legalese of the language that is being translated, but they will need to know the exact equivalent of those words in the language being translated to. Medical terminology can be tricky as well for these are words that, like legal terminology, you have to go to school to learn. A good way to look at this is that it is a language within a language. Therefore it is vital to use profesional translation services which will offer you expert no-nonsense service.

Keeping with the theme of the above example it is important to keep in mind that one country can have several different dialects, or variations, of the same language. A good example is that if you are translating something from German to American, a Boston Mass. dialect is going to be vastly different from that in New Orleans LA. This is why it is important to try to find a translation service that focuses on the specific needs of clients. There are many companies around the world that offer translation services so you do not have to settle for one that does not meet your exact criteria.



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