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How one way links to your website will help

You have got your web site up and are now waiting for your traffic. You wait and wait but it does not come.

Unless your web site ranks highly on the 1st page of the major search engines you are unlikely to get any traffic, unless you use paid search, such as google adwords or one of the other paid search advertising methods.

If you want to have your web site rank highly on the search engines you need the following.

1. A well laid out web site that is coded correctly.

2. Well written unique content

3. Links from relevant web sites to your, also called one way links

The first two points you should already have if you have put enough effort into your website, but building good one way links to your website can be a very time consuming job and requires considerable effort.

You can look for relevant directories which match your website, some will be free and other may require payment. There are also many companies offering one way link building services, but you should read their sites carefully to find out exactly how they build links and what you get for your money.

You should always insist on a full report on links that are built with link location, link text used and the page rank of website's. If they can not provide this information look at another company.



There are many very bad link building services out there, so you should be careful when choosing one. It is always better to go for quality links rather than quantity. One way link building can be very powerful if implemented correctly.










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