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Guide to Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport is owned and operated by BAA and has a long history of running the airport dating back to 1986. heathrow airport is the largest airport in the UK and handles the most international passenger traffic in the world.

Heathrow airport now has 5 terminals with the last terminal 5 being opened in March 2008. The airportsl passengers amount to around 67 million a year, and the airport is used by over 90 airlines.

Getting to and from Heathrow Airport

The airport has one of the biggest bus stations in the UK with many local buses offering transport to the London suburbs.

Long distance coach services are also available and are operated by National Express to many parts of the UK.

There are 4 tube stations that serve the airport.

The airport is also accesable by car via the M4 motorway and the M25 and there are drop off and pickup points at all terminals. If you wish to rent a vehicle you can hire a car from Car Hire Heathrow who will search the major suppliers to find you the best deals. Cars can be picked up from the airport.





Heathrow Airport




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