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2009 has seen hair trends that have brought back the past and revamped them into a completely new look. Sophistication is in, as are sleek updos to compliment retro fashion that has been seen on the catwalk ever so often this year. Celebrity trends continue to make their influence, with blunt fringes making it big since Pink adorned one towards the end of last year. Layers remain a fashion favourite, coupled with side sweeps. However, it is the pixie cut that has made the best breakthrough, showing edginess and feminine power at the same time.

Women’s Hairstyles:

For women going from long to short hair, a bit of research is important to know what suits their appearance and lifestyle. Short hair can be choppy, cute or daring, so they must be aware of what sort of message they want to give out with their new hair.

Medium length hairstyles tend to hover just above the shoulders, and are a great way of attracting attention. They are easy to maintain as they are not short enough to require extensive styling or long enough to require extensive care treatments.

For long luscious hair that flows down your back, it is important to ensure you have the time and resources to allow for good maintenance. It can always be cut and coloured differently to keep it interesting, and the possibilities of styling are endless, especially since curling long hair adds so much flavour to a personality.

Men’s Hairstyles:

Men have never been as image conscious and interested in playing about with their hair before, as they are today. Numerous salons have sprung up which specialize in men’s grooming, so the local barber has been ditched for something more upmarket and sophisticated. Whether it be short or long hair, a range of styling products have developed for men including accessories such as hair straighteners with slim plates to suit men’s needs.

Impact of Diet on Hair

Eating right is key to healthy hair. It is important to maintain a healthy balance in your diet, ensuring adequate use of grains, fruit and vegetables, as well as a good intake of water and fruit juices. Vitamin B is an essential element of good hair, and it found in foods such as salmon, eggs, nuts and bread hence it can easily be adjusted into our everyday diet. Hydration is also of significance, with a minimum of 8 glasses of water being the recommended daily amount. Some forms of tea can have a detoxifying effect such as dandelion tea, and this will help keep the body system functioning efficiently. Protein and Omega3 are just as important and can be found in meat and fish.

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