How to replace fascia boards


Replacing fascia boards

Many houses built in the 1960 and onwards were all to often built into the property 'wet' which resulted in the wood not having it protective gloss paint intacked. This has caused wood rot and many problems with fascia and subsequent guttering damage.

Then along came Pvc Cladding which provides a superior material which is ideal for cladding and also with the advantage that it does not require painting, so is virtually maintenance free.

How to replace fascia boards

There are two ways you can use pvc cladding to upgrade your current fascia and soffit boards.

First is to remove all the old fascia boards and remove the first row of tiles above the guttering and fit a bendy plastic strip under the fist row of tiles. Then fit new fascia boards. If you do it this way the boards are normally thicker.

The second way is to just cover the original wood with PVC cladding, but if you choose this method you should ensure that you provide ventilation to the soffit boards or without it you may cause a condensation problem in the loft space.

It is normal practice for most professional cladding installers to use method one but this is not always the case. If you are getting a professional company to do the job for you ask what method they will be using, as there is considerably less labour involved in method two.

If you are looking for a quality fascia boards company the Kestrel Building Products will be able to help.



Fascia boards




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