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There are many ways to look for cheap car hire in the city of Glasgow. If you are staying within the city of Glasgow for the first time, It is not an ideal place to drive around through the many one way systems in the city.

If you intend to travel beyond the city and surrounding areas, then it is recommended. You may choose to drive to car ferry port, and take a ferry across to the Isle of Arran. Here you can visit the famous Broddick castle.You may also wish to visit the Isle of Bute, via the Waverley paddle steamer. Find information on cheap car hire glasgow

Glasgow is a very vibrant city with a large population of students. Over forty percent of the population of Scotland are in Glasgow. The local people (Glaswegians) are very friendly and helpful.

The weather in Glasgow is mild in the Summer and never gets too hot, but Glasgow is notorious for it’s rainfall. The Winters do not normally get too cold. Whether it’s your taste or not, you will find the fish and chip shops do actually sell the popular delicacy of deep fried mars

Local famous people from Glasgow include, comedian Billy Connoly, actor Robbie Coltrane and football manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

If you are go accross the country to inverness then car hire inverness should be able to help you.

Flybe airline which is based at the airport is now the number one domestic airline in the Uk according to statistics in April and May provided by the CAA.












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