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Buying Greenbelt land

There are many companies that sell greenbelt land, but what is greenbelt land?

Greenbelt land is a policy that was set up by the government for controlling urban growth by ring fencing certain areas to control the growth of these places to stop the urban sprawl. In 2003 about 13 percent of England is protected by the greenbelt.

A green belt is basically to stop people from building there so that some of the wild and agricultural land can be saved.

Greenbelt land is sometimes built on or reclassified to allow building but this is quite rare. If you are offered greenbelt land as an investment you should check out both the land and get the land independantly valued by a solicitor or qualified person.

There are many companies out there that try to sell land at over valued prices so you should beware. If it sound to good to be true it usually is.

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